Take the first step in building a more efficient records system with Transition Records Management Software.  TRMS is a powerful toolkit for organizing information on boxes, folders and documents.  TRMS will help eliminate the loss of files, improve file and retrieval time, and monitor the entire file process.  Data is collected simply and efficiently utilizing barcode technology.

With TRMS, VanLoozen Systems helps organizations to better manage the asset of information.  Contact a VanLoozen Systems representative to help evaluate how TRMS can benefit your organization.
Transition EL offers basic tracking for single departments who need an entry level tracking system. Transition EL will run on most any Windows 95 or better workstation allowing you manage up to a quarter million records, organizing information on folders and tracking them easily with barcode wands.  Finding folders is just the beginning.  Purging, imaging, archiving and destruction are all automated with Transition software.
Transition EL features:
  • A Home Screen view of your folder description with custom fields.
  • Search by using the Record Explorer.
  • Use barcode scanners from your workstation or portable wands to easily collect data on file movement.
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  • Three standard reports are provided for Files Out, Inventory Location and Retention.
  • Security is provided through password protection at six function levels.
  • Label printing includes black and white labels that can be used to identify both items and locations.
  • Transition EL has an interface with the popular ColorBar label system.
  • Help is provided online through the tool bar or by utilizing our support services.